Old cow

It has been said many times before, and  Ixe2x80x99ll say it again. Life just isnxe2x80x99t fair. As men get older they get beer bellies, bald patches and a long legged, full bosomed, young thing on their arm. Woman sag and wrinkle in all the wrong places and raging hormones turn us into shrieking hags. No man in his right mind looks at us twice.

Sometimes I wonder though how much of my grumpiness is down to hormones and how much to me just being a miserable old cow. Could it be that with the passing of years my true character is finally revealing itself? Was I able to hide my true identity for all those years behind a smile and an elephants memory, and now, as I enter the twilight years I finally get to take my revenge? What other reason would there be for this dramatic change of personality, what purpose does it serve?

I was lucky on one account though. I married a man 16 years my senior. He is way to old to be of any interest to sweet young things on the prowl and his running days are long gone. He has a hard enough time to keep up with me. I should count my blessings.


0 gedachten over “Old cow

  1. ik antwoord maar even in het nederlands (haha vanwege taalfouten) Marloes jij bent echt geen oude koe hoor! En ouder worden heeft ook zijn charmes,en ik vond je geen steek veranderd na 26 jaar dus dat moet je maar even onthouden.

  2. Haha! I don’t know if I like the men you describe above but you are right about the aging process. On the other hand, I really believe that women are the better specimen in the long run. I think the older the woman gets, she is more interesting. Also she smells better and can take care of herself. Leave an old man by himself and he disintegrates. I think women are cool but the hormone issue is real and batters the body. I just hope to God it won’t be so bad when it is my turn.

  3. Ik ken een dame van 60+ die al jaren gelukkig is met een jongere man.
    Ik heb mij voorgenomen me niet te laten inpakken door een angst die vele ouder wordende vrouwen treft, maar van mezelf te houden en mijn eigen voorbeeld te zijn van hoe het wxc3xa9l kan.

  4. Marloose 🙂 I think you need a good professional day (or two) in a beauty parlour, complete with massages, mudbaths, orangejuice, manicure, new makeup and a new hairdo. Grab a ladyfriend and go! It will do you a world of good.

  5. Ik ken vrouwen van bijna 60, en die moeten het erbij zeggen. Kromme oude vrouwtjes met blauw haar zijn van een andere tijd, lijkt mij. Over een paar jaar bestaan ze niet meer.

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