Since I have joined MyBlogLog I feel obligated to write in English at least once a week. I could start a new blog, yeah right! as if. I hardly have time to keep this one up. There is no need to hide behind a language, not in this day and age where the world is our PC and spellcheck our convenience. It will take a while before you get to know me. Ixe2x80x99m highly complex, utterly unreliable and believe it or not, moodier then a teenager in the midst of puberty. In short, Ixe2x80x99m a woman.

To make this easier for all of us, if you have any questions, just leave them in the reaction doohdah below and I might answer, or not, depending on my mood. Just as long as you donxe2x80x99t ask me for my money (non existent) my beautiful daughterxe2x80x99s phone number or the size of my underwear I will be as truthful as I can be. Ixe2x80x99d hate to be misunderstood.


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  1. Weineke told me about you and I can already tell from this post alone that I will love reading your weekly English posts. I am looking forward to getting to know you and am delighted to link you. I try to read the Dutch (or Flemish) words sometimes and find the root words but I am absolutely illiterate in your language, so thanks for doing this.

  2. Hey Marloes, you keep surprising me. On DutchCowboys we start new series on Podcasts. We def. like to interview you, about your bloglife, you almost superb knowledge of all blogelements and about the woman behind the amazing Marloeszzz.

    Is that oke with you? Please respond to my emailadres (in Dutch ;-)) See ya lady.

  3. @ de P. miskend talent.

    @ Wieneke, no better then yours.

    @ Ces, welcome to my little corner of cyberspace. Take a seat and enjoy!

    @ Henk, you’ve got mail..:o)

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